furrball's Journal

28 December 1975
I'm Rebecca (not Becky, not Becca, no derivations).

My hubby was the centre of my universe, until we had our son. :> The little man is growing fast, and is the focus of many of my posts.

We also had our little girl, now the second centre of my universe (is that possible?), in February 2009. She was born 10 weeks premature, and many posts focus on our experiences with her premature birth.

I'm an aspiring real estate agent. My mid-term goal is to become an agent solely for the Deaf community. The economy has forced me out of real estate to some extent, and I find that with lack of practice, I'm losing a lot of my focus on it. :( As my "day job", I'm a Junior Unix System Administrator at a small, quite wonderful company.

I have a "hidden journal", which is just a strong filter on this journal. In time, it might become a separate journal. Time will tell. If you're on my friends' list, you can check out http://furrball.livejournal.com/221144.html for details. I haven't been posting on it quite as much as I'd anticipated, but that might always change.